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About us

Right Tax Advice is a project of Right Legal Advice (, started in 2012 and currently serving more than 30,000 People in a month.
Right Tax Advice is specialist Tax Lawyers, providing you the expert advice on tax matters including tax advice, tax planning, tax return filling and Tax Appeals. We believe at Right Tax Advice ; that a free advice is your right, as  Law is made from origin to provide Justice, not to make money. Our Services are also available for Canada and Australia residents in UK, USA and EU.
At Right Tax Advice all of the advisers are atleast LLM or PhDs in Tax laws.
We at Right Tax Advice provide Free Tax Advice ​in the form of a professionally drafted advice based on relevant statute and case law. All advices provided, are supervised by a senior adviser to deliver accurate quality service.

We hope you will find this service helpful. Please support and 
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no need to register or pay - 100% confidential - 100 % Free

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How it works









Write Your Tax Question - Write Your Question and provide some details, no need to register or pay

Priority Selection - You will be given option to put your Question in Priority to get Guaranteed answer within minutes or hour or within the day with option of discussing live online.


Advice - We will send you the professionally drafted Tax Advice with Reliance on applicable Statute and Case Law, and for follow up questions the adviser will chat with you using our online mechanism ; this can be Text, Voice or Video chat.

Case Follow Up - Right Tax Advice Team will on your instruction would be able to execute service required as per your case situation this includes TAX Refund, Self Assessment Return Filation, Appeals, Corporate Tax matters handling.......


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