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Legal Process 


How Your Legal Work is Completed

Right Legal Advice is registered in England and Wales. In the Year of 2015 RLA has served over 16,000 People for Free Advice and Cost Effective Legal Services. All Lawyers, Solicitors and Barristers of RLA are highly qualified. Its Aim is to help you in your legal problems in least possible costs. Advice is Free, for actual legal services only actual costs are applied without any professional fee (i.e only 10% of a commercial legal fee). We are working under McKenzie Friend Law and registered as Centre of Social and Economic Equality Ltd 08686765, with Head Office at 207 - Regent Street London, W1B 3HH.




You Received the Free Advice.



After You have filled the Instruction Form/Provided us full time line facts/related documents and paid any Actual Costs, Right Legal Advice Team will carry out full legal research and draft the Claim Notice/Legal Notice. A copy of Draft will be sent to you in your email. See a Sample of Claim Notice on Right side here.


STEP Three


The Claim Notice/Legal Notice will be served on the Defendant. And any Response from the said Defendant will be Notified to You.



Negotiations with Defendant will be started and every possible effort will be made to protect your rights and resolve the matter at this stage. If a settlement is reached an Agreement will be drawn by us and signed by the parties. 

Service Of Claim Notice




Mostly disputes are settled at Step 4 but there are few case which need further action. If your case is elevated for Step 5, a Claim will be filled in Court by an allocated Solicitor or Barrister of Right Legal Advice.

Court Action

To Proceed ;


Fill The Instruction Form



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